Ape Church, Agnostics vs Atheists, Godless but pro-Trump
August 22, 2018


Are you agnostic about Santa Claus? Probably not. I suspect that your ability to disprove the existence of Santa Claus is on par with your ability to disprove God. Such is the case with believing any negative concerning existence. If there is insufficient evidence to believe in any proposition, then you live your life as if that thing doesn’t exist — until some solid proof comes in.

There may be some other universe or dimension in which I have no bald spot, but until I cross paths with my hairy-crowned self, I’ll continue to wear hats.

The Privilege of Predators: Church Sexual Abuse And Society’s Deference to Religion
August 15, 2018

Yesterday a Pennsylvania Grand Jury report was released, detailing credible accusations of sexual abuse against over 300 priests in just six dioceses. Over 1,000 child victims were identified. The report can be found here. Read it. If you can stomach it, read all 1,356 pages. You probably can’t, and I couldn’t. Page after page of …

What the Hell Happened with Masterpiece Cakeshop?
June 5, 2018

Some decisions by the Supreme Court you just know are good or bad from who wrote them. If a church state opinion is authored by Justice Ginsburg, I know I am going to be OK with it. And, up to now, if an opinion touching on LGBT rights was written by Justice Kennedy, everything was …

Sheldon Helms on Gay Conversion Therapy: “This Shit Doesn’t Work”
October 28, 2017

It’s genuinely upsetting when one is reminded of the cruelty visited upon gays and lesbians who are forced or coerced into conversion therapy. Experimental psychology professor Sheldon Helms came to CSICon to educate us about this gruesome phenomenon, and remarkably was able to do so with remarkably good humor, but without dismissing the gravity of …

Interview with Hemant Mehta, the Friendly Atheist: Guest Post by Susan Gerbic
March 24, 2017

Guest Post by Susan Gerbic 

Hemant Mehta is best known for his blog on Patheos, Friendly Atheist; he also has a podcast of the same name and has written about selling his soul on eBay. He has two other books, The Young Atheist’s Survival Guide and The Friendly Atheist: Thoughts on the Role of Religion in Politics and Media.

Trump’s Muslim Ban and His Battle to Undermine the Judiciary
January 31, 2017

Just as Sean Spicer, Trump’s Press Secretary, and others have sought to delegitimize the Fourth Estate, and paint the press as the enemy, so the current deliberate battle with the courts is seeking to undermine public support for the judicial branch.

A breezy piece on celebrities, woo, and warning signs of bullshit
December 11, 2016

Do you believe in ghosts? In psychic powers? In communication with the dead? In alien abduction?


If you do, you’re not alone. Belief in the weird and wacky – or “woo” as some sceptics disparagingly call it – is as strong as ever. Science is taking huge strides forward. Yet many of us continue to believe in stuff that, according to science, is at best dubious and often downright absurd.

The Question Christians Must Now Ask Themselves
November 9, 2016

Christian groups will get much that they want from the upcoming regime; their coffers will be protected from taxation, they will receive taxpayer funds to proselytize, their business-owning members will likely be permitted to refuse service to LGBT people. Yet at what cost?

Trump and the who-to-blame game
November 9, 2016

So Trump is elected. He was not my preferred candidate. At times like this, I find that I, like all human beings, want SOMEONE TO BLAME (revised 12th Nov ’16)

Islam – No Mockery Allowed: A New Case
November 3, 2016

Athlete Louis Smith has been disciplined by British Athletics for mocking Islam.