Levy Case a Psychic Failure
March 10, 2009

“Psychics” useless in Chandra Levy case

The New Snake Oil
March 4, 2009

Alternative Medicine: acupuncture or quackapuncture?

Pope’s ‘Holy War’ Against Pseudo-Mystics
February 24, 2009

Pope’s “Holy War” Against Pseudo-Mystics New guidelines to employ science, dogma, superstition.

Friday the Thirteenth
February 12, 2009

The supposedly jinxed date is just another day.

Miracle on the Hudson
February 10, 2009

A “miraculous” rescue is actually nothing of the sort.

Haunted Wedding Dress
February 4, 2009

Pennsylvania mansion’s animated gown has rational explanation.

Bigfoot Bozos
January 28, 2009

Georgia “clowns” ineptly reprise frozen-Sasquatch hoax.

‘Witch’ Killings Continue
January 23, 2009

“Witch” killings continue with the burning of a suspected witch in Papua New Guinea, a delusion continues.

“Miraculous Elián” Returns?
January 9, 2009

The controversy over Elián Gonzáles–who was once deemed miraculous–is to resume during attorney general confirmation hearings.

Exorcism: The Devil’s in the Details
December 30, 2008

A new television series,   The Real Exorcist , has debuted on the Sci-Fi Channel, whose executives and producers continue to promote pseudoscience and worse. The show features fundamentalist minister Bob Larson,   whose Web site pleads for help in fighting demonic evil with “prayer and financial help.” Jesus, Larson claims, has actually “chosen” him …