CFI Libraries Year in Review

January 6, 2017

You may have noticed that I do not blog as much as I have in the past. One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to post more often and keep people better informed regarding the libraries here at CFI. I have been very busy with a few projects (which is one of the reasons why I do not write here as often), but here are a few of the more interesting ones that I am working on or have worked on this year.

I have mentioned in the past that we have the Martin Orne Collection of materials. Included in this collection are books, dissertations, papers, a/v materials and such, including lots of film and videotape. Due to the amount of interest in this collection from psychiatry academics, we were able to secure a grant to create a finding aid for the Orne Papers. There are court papers, research papers, correspondence, and more that will be examined and inventoried at folder level. The finding aid will then be placed online in several formats and in several locations. Researchers can decide if we have what they are looking for and contact us about the collection, or determine if a trip to view the collection is necessary. The grant has been provided by the Institute for Experimental Psychology. We are working with an independent archivist named Shane Stephenson, owner of Archives in the Buff, and he will be creating the finding aid for us. After that is created, I will be converting the finding aid into an online archival format, and sharing it with online repositories and placing it on our library website.

Speaking of our website, I am also working on a new library website. Included will be the same items we have there now; and, we will be adding some new features, including some donor recognition related items, and some more content about our collections. I have been working on various WordPress templates to use for the library site.

CFI Libraries’ digital collections, located on New York Heritage (, are getting a lot of interest due to our inclusion at the Digital Public Library of America ( last year. We will be digitizing more materials for inclusion at both these websites.

I’ve been working on some digitization projects, such as the one I worked with Ken Frazier on (see ) and I am working on more of these history of our organization projects.

I am also working on a new library presentation that will highlight the various extraordinary things we have in our libraries, and all the work we have done over the years. This presentation will hopefully be the basis for talks I do about our libraries at various locations, and even online.

All this is being done in addition to everyday library maintenance work: cataloging (especially to create donor tax receipts), reference and research, periodicals and such. And all the IT-related work I do for CFI too.

Plans for the short term include expansion (yes, we are rather full in our spaces again), acquiring a few related collections that should be here at CFI, work on our Steve Allen Archive Room, and continue to work on the collections to make every item accessible.

Please feel free to contact me regarding our libraries if you have questions. Thank you for your continued support of our libraries, and CFI.