Christian Nation? A loving God? Agnostics in Foxholes?

July 4, 2018


Happy 4th of July everyone… and as George Carlin once said, “Let’s get right into the heavy sh#@.”

Is the U.S. a Christian Nation?

R. Frapples

Yes and no.

It is in the sense that the largest religion is Christianity, but if you mean was the U.S. founded as a Christian country, then the answer is no. (The simple majority concept would also make us a female nation and an overweight nation.)

You’d have to think the Founders of our country were complete idiots if you believe they structured the U.S. Constitution around Christianity.

U.S. Constitution by the numbers…

Number of times the word Jesus is mentioned: 0
Number of times the word Christ is mentioned: 0
Number of times the word God is mentioned: 0 
Number of times the Bible is mentioned: 0
Number of times the word Moses is mentioned: 0
Number of times Joel Osteen is mentioned: 0

By this measure, the U.S. is as much a Zoroastrian country as Christian.

How can you deny God when Earth is over 70% water, humans cannot live in the water. Looking at a map, I can see over 1/3 of the remaining land (10% of all the planet) is way too hot or too cold for humans to live. About another 1/3, (another 10%) is too mountainous or other unsuitable terrains. That means 1/3 of the dry land, 10% of the entire globe, was made JUST FOR US! (and for only about 7 miles up) See??? The creator of the entire cosmos, 28.5 gigaparsecs wide, made room for his greatest achievement, us, to grow and prosper and make-up all sorts of beliefs as to why things are. Whattagod!


Whattagod? He obviously hates our guts – or at least holds us in serious contempt.Of Gods and Clowns on Point of Inquiry 

I might use your exact same arguments to ask you why  God treats us like a June bug on a duck farm. If we don’t swim so well, why isn’t 30% of the earth (fresh) water and 70% land? If he’s so fond of us, why all the deserts, swamps and other inhospitable land? Let’s not forget hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Why did he invent Cleveland? And why can’t I fly?

We’re obviously the ants under his giant magnifying glass.

God… please. If he were there, he’d be no friend of mine.

How similar (or dissimilar) do you view agnostics from atheists?


I view them as the same. In practice, neither an atheist nor an agnostic (by definition) has an active belief in a deity. Neither prays, goes to temple, or gives U.S. Savings Bonds for kids birthday presents.

If you wonder if God exists but live your life as if he doesn’t, you’re an agnostic.

If you would bet a finger that God doesn’t exist and live your life as if he doesn’t, you’re an atheist.

If you are either of the above and hold some positive notions about fairness, altruism, and how to accurately perceive the universe, you’re a secular humanist.

I keep hearing the phrase “when you’re in a foxhole, there aren’t any atheists.” Do atheist ideals change in foxholes only? Follow up question: Have you heard of other beliefs changing when in a foxhole? For example, might a Bears fan turn into Packers fan or vice versa?

Worried in Wisconsin

This question comes from the idea that we unbelievers really wouldn’t stick to our (often) long-thought-out worldview in the face of danger. That’s a lot of horse apples.

First, there are lots of service men and women who are atheists. Check out groups like Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers or Military Atheists and Secular Humanists.

Second, as someone who’s dodged the Grim Reaper himself a few times, I can tell you that praying and appeals to supernatural beings don’t even occur to me – ever. I’m usually working on not dying at the moment and wouldn’t have a lot of time for deistic deal-making even if I did believe.

As far as other foxhole (or deathbed) conversions, be suspicious of them always.
Unless it’s a Packer fan converting to a Bears fan. That’s understandable.