Cubs win, but what about the Universe?

November 3, 2016

“Superstition has nothing to do with this. If you believe in that stuff, it’s going to hold you back for a long time.” –Chicago Cubs Manager, Joe Maddon


On the second night that CFI-Los Angeles hosted two 1400 seat (sold-out) events with Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris, the Chicago Cubs won the World Series.


Something weird is going on here.


When word spread during the Dawkins/Harris event that the Cubs could actually win, many feared that the fabric of reality had been torn, and some worried that these two of the three living (atheist) horseman of the apocalypse might be somehow disintegrated – or worse yet – be erased from our minds.


But as good skeptics and atheists, we thought it all through. There is nothing to fear. These things just happen. Nature throws us freakish events every now and then. The laws of probability tell us to expect the wildly unusual. A woman could run for president… or an orange man…


Really… it’s ok. Settle down.


Coins land on edge, someone wins the lottery, asteroids kill off large swaths of life on our planet, a universe pops into existence. All of these things happen without defying the laws of physics. The Core Theory is intact. We’re ok!


Granted, the Cubs winning the World Series greatly pushes the naturalist worldview envelope and will surely lead to some cutting edge scientific research into the existence of other dimensions or alternate universes, but  someday we’ll understand what happened. You’ll see.


This may even lead to new human advancements. It has to…


Because, clearly, something weird is going on here…


Rest assured that if there is an explanation for last night’s score, science will eventually learn it.


James Underdown

Science Advocate

White Sox Fan