Video posted: “Diversity in the Atheist Movement”

May 2, 2011

At the American Humanist Association’s 70th Annual Conference last month, I had the opportunity to discuss diversity and minority outreach as part of a panel session with two awesome atheist bloggers and speakers: Greta Christina of the eponymous “Greta Christina’s Blog”, and Jen McCreight, the “Blag Hag”.  Jen started by discussing how the movement could do a better job of being inclusive to women; I followed that by talking about why we don’t tend to attract many people of color and how we all can work to change that.  Greta then discussed the relative success the secular movement has had in creating a welcoming environment for LGBTQ individuals, and how we in the secular movement should learn from the LGBTQ movement when it comes to diversity and inclusivity.  The short presentations (well, mine was the longest—darn that ten-minute suggested presentation limit!) were followed by a robust Q&A session.

The Secular Student Alliance organized the panel as part of their innovative Leadership Track, which focused on topics of particular interest to student and off-campus organizers including fundraising, media outreach, and high school organizing.  It was good to see that so many people consider diversity and inclusivity issues to be a serious part of outreach and organizing, and I was honored to be invited to share my perspective at the session.