Dictators are All that Stand between Us and Anarchy

February 2, 2011

The last refuge of the Dictator is manufactured Anarchy.

As we watch another society attempt a revolution, we are reminded how Dictators use fear to stay in power.

Place all your Trust and Hope in Me, says the Dictator.  Without Me, there is no Order, because without Me there is no Law.  Just watch what happens when you people ask for freedom — You only get Anarchy!  Only the Dictator can save you from Anarchy.

The more fear of anarchy in the people, the more the people love the Dictator, or so thinks the Dictator.  Those who love the Dictator are deluded into a maniacal terror that anarchy and chaos is always close, lurking in shadows, ready to erupt at any moment.  The Dictator’s ardent followers fanatically believe that only the Dictator’s power keeps chaos in check.  The Dictator’s followers ignorantly suppose that Law and Order is identical with the Dictator.  The Dictator’s followers paranoically think that anyone who instead trusts the people and trusts democracy really secretly wants Chaos and Evil.  The Dictator’s fanatics will gladly manufacture violence against the people just to prove how much society needs the Dictator.

These terrorist strategies of the Dictator are so familiar.  After all, humanity has long been plagued by God and His religious followers.  Perhaps the oldest kind of mythological narrative, found in most religions, is the story about a God’s victory over Disorder.  Religious people just can’t imagine how any Order could exist without their Dictator.  The characteristic pathological disorders of society remain painfully obvious wherever religion still grips a civilization.  Our own democracy is just a thin fragile veneer over this vast collective mania.

Good luck with your Dictator, Egypt.  And wish us luck with ours.