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Do Unto Someone Else, Thanks.

July 29, 2020

Last night we had our first live CFI Insider webinar event, where Melissa Myers did a fantastic job interviewing Point of Inquiry and Skeptical Inquirer Presents host Leighann Lord. The video will be posted soon!

I don’t know how I missed this for yesterday’s Heresy, but maybe I was being attacked by government reptilians. Donald Trump and son’s new favorite doctor (“must watch!”) is Stella Immanuel, who says endometriosis is caused by people having sex in their dreams with demons, that alien DNA is used in medical treatments, and there’s a vaccine being developed to prevent people from being religious. Oh, and the government is run by reptilian aliens.

And the outlet promoting Immanuel and other people who agree with Trump that wear white coats, was of course Breitbart. Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube have tried to restrict the video’s spread, and Twitter even locked Trump Jr.’s account for 12 hours for spreading it.

As for the president himself: “I think they’re very respected doctors.”

Business Insider: “The well-oiled anti-vaccine machine is inhaling the anti-mask movement.” And it is rather oily, isn’t it.

FDA: Be wary of toxic hand sanitizers. Great.

Trump campaign legal advisor Jenna Ellis says there’s no such thing as church-state separation. “That’s nothing that our founding principles ever, uh, derived whatsoever.” I don’t like what she’s, uh, de-riving at. Whatsoever.

Paula White says the election is about defeating those who “will take God out of everything.” Well, I mean we try but he’s so stubborn.

Law professor Alan Garfield at the Patriot-News on the recent SCOTUS decisions about religious schools, who can fund them, and who they can discriminate against: “Do unto others what may not be done unto to you.

Dutch airline KLM forced a passenger to change seats after a bunch of Orthodox Jewish men refused to allow her to sit near them because she’s a woman. They had a big tantrum, wouldn’t sit down, and delayed the flight.

BBC News has a short video on the QAnon conspiracy cult. I’m not ready to watch it yet this morning.

A man in Pakistan who was on trial for blasphemy charges, Tahir Ahmad Naseem, was shot six times in the courtroom by a man who decided that Naseem needed to be killed immediately.

Welcome to Earth, alien visitors. Watch out for the murder hornets.”

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