Don’t Spray It

October 11, 2018

The journal Scientific Reports (run by the folks who publish Nature) ran a paper on how homeopathy can reduce pain, and lordy lordy, wouldn’t you know it, turns out the paper was full of garbage research.

Meanwhile, a company called Sprayology (oh boy) is recalling its homeopathic sprays that are supposed to help with everything from snoring to sex, because of microbial contamination. Seems you might also recall them because they are crap.

Yesterday I told you how pastors in Texas are suing the city of Austin to be able to discriminate against LGBTQ folks for employment because Jesus, and today a right-wing group called Texas Values (you’re scared already, aren’t you) are suing Austin to be able to discriminate against them in housing and in public accommodations, too. The cruelty is simply astounding.

Pope Francis says, apparently with a straight face, that having an abortion is like “hiring a hitman to resolve a problem.” The degree to which that statement is wrong and awful and grotesque cannot be rendered in mere HTML.

Here’s a novel idea: Jann Bellamy at Science-Based Medicine proposes a “right to science” constitutional amendment that would state, in some form or other, “Neither Congress nor any State shall make or enforce any law unless it is based on the best available science.”

Here’s an example of folks with too much money and too few neurons: Wealthy Italians with homes on Kenya’s coast are having all manner of problems addressed by witch doctors. But it’s cool, you see, because the witch doctors “don’t tell lies to people,” according one Tsuma Nzai, whose name is just begging to be mistakenly autocorrected.

Next month, Brazil will see the launch of the country’s first skeptic advocacy organization, Instituto Questão de Ciência.

A dude in Brooklyn, Nigel Kennedy, part of something called the Psychic Kaballah Network, apparently convinces women to come to “church services” at his home, where he drugs and rapes them.

Stevon Cook, president of the San Francisco Board of Education, has stopped opening meetings with the Pledge of Allegiance, opting instead for some Maya Angelou poetry.

Pace University professor Terence Hines, a Fellow of CFI’s Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, reviews the book The Secret History of the Jersey Devil for Skeptical Inquirer.

A&E is set to launch a documentary miniseries on the World of Faith Fellowship, a severely messed up cult in North Carolina, called The Devil Next Door.

Quote of the Day

At her CFI Law and Religion blog, Dr. Leslie C. Griffin explains why the backlash against #MeToo in Catholic institutions should not surprise anyone:

The Catholic Church has never supported such freedom for women. Reread the whole list of teachings above. Women’s choices never come first. Instead, women are always taught to obey the teachings of the men in charge. It is a culture that encourages confidence for the men and self-doubt for the women. In such a setting, it is unlikely that women’s voices will be heard and listened to. Instead, the church’s goal is to promote men’s teachings at the expense of women across the world.