“Eighty Years and More”

November 19, 2013

What would have been Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s 198th birthday occurred back on November 12, 2013. When I was reminded of the date, I posted a picture on Facebook of an artifact we have here at the Center for Inquiry Libraries.

The picture is from the inside front cover of Stanton’s autobiography, Eighty Years and More (1815–1897): Reminiscences of Elizabeth Cady Stanton (New York: European Publishing Company, 1898). Not only is the work signed by Stanton, it is a presentation copy to Belle Camblos de Rivera. De Rivera lived in New York City, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. She was involved in the organization of the New York City Federation of Women’s Clubs and was the president of the Equal Suffrage League of the City of New York.

Stanton signed the work but did not write the entire inscription; it appears that one person (possibly a secretary to Stanton) wrote most of it. However, Stanton appears to have signed the work herself, in March, 1902. She died only a few short months later.

CFI Libraries acquired the book from the estate of former library director Gordon Stein. As we go through the numerous materials we have here at CFI to catalogue our backlog, we find treasures such as this, waiting to be discovered and shared.