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Exacerbating Outpartisans

September 9, 2020

A court in Pakistan has sentenced Asif Pervaiz to death for “blasphemous” text messages sent in 2013.

We have a new Secular Rescue success story we can share with you: “Jana,” an ex-Muslim who we helped find safety fleeing oppression in Iraq.

In the latest Skeptical Inquirer, Scott O. Lilienfeld and colleagues call for a “guiding credo” for skepticism: Intellectual humility.

AstraZeneca puts the brakes on a COVID-19 vaccine in development because of “a potentially unexplained illness in one of the trials.”

Anne Nelson at the Washington Spectator chronicles the origin story and ongoing fake-grassroots work of the pandemic-downplaying America’s Frontline Doctors.

Dhruv Khullar at The New Yorker: COVID-19 will be contained not just by a vaccine, but by lots of little therapies and measures combining to get it under control.

Kevin Kavanagh at Infection Control Today (yes, that’s a thing) rounds up some prefab responses to folks making claims like “You cannot believe elite scientists.” Retort: “It is not that the scientists are smarter than anyone else, but they have more experience. This is not their first rodeo.”

Ukrainian Orthodox Patriarch Filaret, who blamed COVID-19 on same-sex marriage, has COVID-19.

Did the Qur’an predict the pandemic? Richard Dawkins weighs in on the extraordinary claim of one religious scholar. (“‘Quarana’ is rather like the English word ‘corona’.”)

His state on fire, Gov. Gavin Newsom now has “literally no patience for climate change deniers.”

Paul A. Djupe: Christian nationalism makes Republicans more likely to embrace “partisan exclusion,” which is “exacerbated by religious worldviews that make them susceptible to adopting those views about outpartisans.”

“Dishonesty, bullying, overwork, illegal discrimination, harassment, and blackmailing.” This is what it was for some folks to work for Ken Ham’s Creation Museum.

Victor Moberger of Stockholm University has a unified theory of bullshit, defined as a “lack of epistemic conscientiousness,” explaining that “pseudoscience and pseudophilosophy should be seen as special cases of bullshit.”

Astrophysicist Paul M. Sutter: “If you find yourself talking to a flat Earther, skip the evidence and arguments, and ask yourself how you can build trust.”

“Hang up the phone, Jerry!”

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