Help Us Spread the Message: We Are Living Happily #WithoutReligion

September 29, 2013


Today, CFI is launching a national outreach campaign declaring that millions of Americans do, in fact, live happily without religion – and we want you to help us spread that message. We seculars are the fastest-growing “belief” group in the country, and we want everyone to know that we don’t need God, dogma, or a sacred text to find fulfillment, meaning, and joy. We want to reach out to those who have doubts about religion, but may not be ready to leave it behind, to let them know that life is full of wonder and purpose that we create ourselves, and that leaving religion does not mean going without community and support.

To carry this message, we’re putting up ads on billboards, buses, bus shelters, and Metro dioramas in New York City, Washington, Indianapolis, and Michigan – areas in which CFI has particularly strong, vibrant, and active local branches. We’re also launching the new, which features personal insights and testimonials from real people about how they live happy, meaningful, connected lives without religion. There’s also a great new campaign video, a handy Q-and-A section, and useful statistics about the state of nonbelief in the United States.

So how can you help? You may have heard of these fascinating new tools known as “the Twitter” and “the Facebook.” We want to know how you create meaning and purpose for yourself without religion, how you find a sense of wonder and connection to the cosmos without religion, how you experience love and find community without religion.

Go on Twitter and use the hashtag #withoutreligion to tell your part of the story. For example, I might tweet, “I feel like an integral and unique part of the universe #withoutreligion,” or, “I am filled with purpose and meaning with my love for my wife and children #withoutreligion.” You get the idea! (And don’t forget to follow us, too!)

You can also use this image as your Facebook profile banner – it tells all of your connections that you are among the millions who don’t need religion to live a happy, fulfilling life. If you live in one of the areas where ads are going up, go find them! Take pictures of the ads (or better yet, you with the ads) and share them with your networks and with us!

And this is important: This is a positive campaign. The hashtag and any other messaging shouldn’t be used to bash religion or believers. No doubt some folks will decide to co-opt the idea and make fun of it, or get mean-spirited, but we’ll just come back with more uplifting, inspiring thoughts of our own. Stay positive, and defy the stereotype of the bitter nonbeliever.

Oh and you know what else? You can also get a free sticker! How can you not feel positive about that?

So join the campaign. Tell everyone how you live happily without religion. If we all do it together, we can open up millions of minds and millions of hearts.