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I Don’t Know Where to Begin With This Nonsense

June 11, 2019

CBSNews.com covers CFI’s case against Walmart for their sale and marketing of fake medicine—homeopathy—to consumers. It also mentions our CVS case, and they are singing a weirdly defiant tune:

CVS has dismissed the civil complaint against it as having “no merit,” adding that it offers some homeopathic remedies in compliance with the FDA and the Federal Trade Commission.

Yeah, that’s why this case is still going. No merit. Mm-hm.

The Supreme Court declines to hear Michael Newdow’s latest (and last?) attempt to get “In God We Trust” off of U.S. currency. Newdow calls the situation “utterly revolting,” and he’s right on several levels.

Facebook gives the boot to the risible and insidious pseudoscience site Natural News…for violating policies against spam. What? Okay, fine. I do wonder how many people who see and share content from Natural News know that it’s right-wing? Kelly Weill at Daily Beast reports:

Natural News’ founder Mike Adams wrote on fellow-right wing conspiracy site Infowars that his site was “permanently banned” from posting. He told the Gateway Pundit, another far-right site, that the apparent ban is evidence of a conspiracy against his website.

The Daily Beast reported on Saturday that Natural News and its founder had a history of pushing hoaxes and calling for mass arrests against the left. Before the ban, Natural News had more Facebook followers than Infowars at its peak. Natural News used the page to push its trademark combination of natural remedies and far-right conspiracy theories, including disinformation about vaccines.

The Vatican declares that people can’t be gender-fluid or change their gender. Welp, you heard them! That’s it, everybody! The last institution on Earth that should ever have anything to say about what anyone does or thinks about their sex or gender has put their golden, frilly foot down.

Anna Merlan at Jezebel reports that Jenny McCarthy’s Generation Rescue delusion organization seems to be tiptoeing away from the whole autism thing, and morphing into something more Goop-like. Hard to say if that’s an improvement.

A disappointing bit of new information about the otherwise good news of Maine’s newly-strengthened vaccine mandate: special education students who had been opted out of vaccinations get their exemptions grandfathered in. Ugh, whatever.

Suzy Weiss at the New York Post looks at the slew of documentaries on Netflix and other services that promote “sketchy science, snake-oil remedies, and dangerous conspiracies”:

“The propagation of pseudoscience undermines valid science,” says Dr. David Katz, founding director of the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center and True Health Initiative, which supports evidence-based disease prevention. “The first casualty is the offerings of modern conventional medicine, which are quite potent, and when used well, can do extraordinary things.”

On Amazon Prime, “Science of Fasting” promotes starvation as a cancer cure, while “The Great Culling: Our Water” leads viewers to believe that the government is using fluoride as a means of population control.

KATC in Louisiana profiles Blake Touchet, the National Association of Biology Teachers’ 2019 Outstanding Biology Teacher. Oh, and he’s part of TIES. Congrats, Blake!

David Brooks (buckle up!) tries to explain the rise in belief in thing like astrology, “mindfulness,” and Wicca, and some of this ideas are dubious (“secularism never really comes”), but this is interesting:

…many people seem to want to be alternative without actually leaving the mainstream world. The people I know who talk about astrology sort of believe it, but they sort of don’t. Their attitude is ironical, attached and detached all at once.

Jack Phillips of Masterpiece Cakeshop infamy (no cakes for icky gays because Jesus!) is being sued again by Autumn Scardina who was refused a birthday cake celebrating a gender transition. CBS reports:

“The dignity of all citizens in our state needs to be honored. Masterpiece Cakeshop said before the Supreme Court they would serve any baked good to members of the LGBTQ community. It was just the religious significance of it being a wedding cake,” [attorney] Griesen said. “We don’t believe they’ve been honest with the public.”

Quote of the Day

Jonathan Capehart on all the damn praying for Trump going on:

I don’t know where to begin with this nonsense. Prayers for the powerful at the expense of the powerless, especially when the powerful in question is Trump, strike me as immoral. Besides, this is NOT the kind of divine intervention I have prayed for since Jan. 20, 2017.

The president ceded the moral authority of the Oval Office with his “very fine people” backing of the white supremacists who marched on Charlottesville in August 2017. And on a near-daily basis, Trump compounds his offense with rhetoric and policies that are nothing more than white supremacy (and other hatreds) propelled by mindful cruelty. …

… In light of all this, the proper response by clergy isn’t to pray for the man responsible for this assault on our values. The proper response is to issue a call to conscience to faith leaders to march on the White House. …

… with our Constitution at risk and our values on the line, praying for Trump is the last thing we should be doing. Continuing to sit on the sidelines or pretending that any of this is normal, just or right is intolerable.

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