I M GOD, Westboro Baptists for Atheism

February 19, 2020

What did you think about that guy in Kentucky who won a court case for his “IM GOD” license plates?

Gerry O. in KY

Yeah, so this guy Bennie Hart, who lived in and drove around in Ohio with those same plates for over 10 years, moved to Kentucky and applied for IM GOD plates there. But the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet bristled at such effrontery and denied him the plates. With help from the FFRF and the ACLU, Hart sued… and won – attorney’s fees and court fees anyway – to the tune of over $150 grand. (He dared not sue for additional damages. “How could the state of Kentucky damage God?” …they might argue.)

Unfortunately, the case was not about whether Hart was indeed, God. That would have been a lot more fun. How does the state of Kentucky know Bennie Hart isn’t God?  How could they deny him (the apostle Peter notwithstanding) the plates if that fact were established? Surely they’d have no problem with me applying for IM JIMU plates, as I am Jim U. I have standing.

Maybe Bennie Hart does too. He could’ve argued that the evidence for his actually being God is every bit as strong as evidence for any other God existing – maybe even stronger. Bennie Hart, demonstrably, exists, after all.

It might have gone like this in court:

  • State of KY: But your honor, this is ridiculous. How can they compare Mr. Hart to our lord and savior? Jesus walked on water and raised the dead!
  • Hart: I can do that.
  • State of KY: Let’s see you!
  • Hart: I’ll do it when the court witnesses Jesus do it.

And that’s why my God and savior (in case they appeal), Bennie Hart, would have won in either case.

Justice prevailed… this time.

I thought I saw those ***holes from Westboro Baptist Church outside a high school in Los Angeles. Shouldn’t they be banned or something? M.A. in L.A.

(I assume ***holes means assholes? Just checking.)

Morning nastiness courtesy of WBC

Oh, they were here alright… coincidentally, at my niece’s high school, which is particularly LGBTQ friendly. A good chunk of the school turned out to counter-protest, or maybe just to see what raving lunatics from Topeka look like.

The Hamilton kids weren’ having any of it…

As far as banning them, I think it’s not only a bad idea, but it’s counterproductive if you’re on the atheist end of the religious spectrum.

Westboro Baptist Church is a great ally of atheists everywhere.

Here’s why:

  1. Their repugnant God Hates Fags rhetoric offends all but the most extreme religious zealots. Westboro Baptist Church does a great job reminding people that being religious does not equal being a good person. Those are mutually exclusive concepts, and WBC keeps driving that home every time they demonstrate.
  2. They also remind people – if you visit their hate-filled site – that God hates everyone else too. There’s even a page on their site — Bible Verses About The Hatred Of God —  that spells this out for those Christians who think God is a nice guy. We atheists have been saying this for years. God is an angry, jealous, petty, killing machine. But don’t believe me. Read the Bible! Read all of the Bible. You’ll see.
  3. I get the feeling that most of the students at Hamilton High looked at the Westboro Baptists and made mental notes not to ever become them. WBC just reeks of hatred and intolerance, and most people just aren’t attracted to those qualities. Any religion that wants to turn people away is ok with me. Keep up the good work, WBC! Repel, repel!
  4. Worse yet –for WBC, that is – is that they even repulse believers. Or they at least show other believers what real hate and intolerance look like. They picket grieving soldiers’ families, gay pride events, and bother lots of other regular people just trying to get through their day. Even young believers seem to be turned off by WBC’s assholery. My years of experience with young, H.S. age evangelicals is that they have become a bit more tolerant and accepting of others in the past 10 or 15 years. That’s a progress glowering fanatics like the Westboro Baptists can take some credit for.
A garage in Topeka. (photo by G. Howland)

And for that, we thank them. Keep up the GOoD work.