Is Faith in God Reasonable?

February 4, 2013

Debates about the existence of God can get tedious. It can be tedious for the debaters, too. 

Theologian William Lane Craig and philosopher Alex Rosenberg debated the question, “Is Faith in God Reasonable” at Purdue University on February 1. The video is below. Dr. Rosenberg’s latest book is The Atheist’s Guide to Reality. An interview with Rosenberg about his book is here

Dr. Rosenberg starts out his allotted time with unkind remarks about debating god, and throws in this line about debating Craig, “Is Dr. Craig infallible, or does he just not listen?” This debate settles into some predictable patterns, but it contains a very broad number of issues and Rosenberg’s points are worthy of attention. Here’s an example: at 1:18:30 into the video, Rosenberg refutes Craig’s suggestion that the applicability of mathematics to nature’s order is a coincidence requiring a Divine Creator. Also, the problem of evil and morality’s natural origins is pursued up and down over the debate.