What Are the Makers of ‘Plandemic’ Hiding? Conspiracy Theorists Refuse to Provide Evidence for Outrageous Claims
May 21, 2020 by

The infamous conspiracy video Plandemic has recently spread like a virus throughout the internet, providing an unprecedented megaphone for a litany of outrageous claims about the nature of the COVID-19 outbreak and frightening allegations of vast government conspiracies. But when presented by the Center for Inquiry with the opportunity to back up these claims with evidence, the …

‘Plandemic’ Asks Questions—But Won’t Answer Them
May 21, 2020 by

Earlier this month, a YouTube video for an (apparently) upcoming documentary titled Plandemic was released by Mikki Willis (credited onscreen as “father/filmaker” [sic]). The video features a lengthy interview with virologist Judy Mikovits, who offers scattershot conspiracy-laden assertions about the “truth” behind the COVID-19 pandemic, prefaced by claims of having been framed for a crime …

Some Notes on ‘Silliness’
April 20, 2020 by

With the COVID-19 outbreak and its requisite closures, I have had time to do some catching up on the blogs, articles, etc., that always seem to be put off when there are other things to be done. While catching up, I noted that some recent writings have once again raised the issue of “silliness” and …

It’s time to stop giving snake oil salesmen the benefit of the doubt.
Office of Public Policy
April 13, 2020 by

The makers of homeopathic medicine want it both ways.  They want their “drugs” to be treated like real medicine, to be able claim they can treat all kinds of ailments, and sell them right alongside evidence-based medicines on pharmacy shelves.  They also don’t want their products to be held to the same rigorous standards of …

Coronavirus banner illustration
A New Resource to Inoculate Against Coronavirus Misinformation
March 25, 2020 by

The public is being inundated by misinformation about the coronavirus pandemic at every level, from blatant internet scams to the false claims of the president of the United States. The Center for Inquiry, as the foundational institution for skeptical inquiry into extraordinary claims of pseudoscience, religion, and the paranormal, is bringing our unique expertise to …

Wegmans Hawking Fake Medicine During Pandemic: CFI Calls Out Retailer for Crassly Irresponsible Profiteering
March 16, 2020 by

Wegmans supermarkets are using the confusion and fear surrounding the coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity to increase its sales of useless homeopathic products, an act of cynicism that the Center for Inquiry is calling out as appalling and irresponsible. Homeopathy is an eighteenth-century pseudoscience in which dangerous substances are diluted to the point that no …

Center for Inquiry Congratulates Maine for Overwhelming Rejection of Anti-Vaccine Ballot Measure
Office of Public Policy
March 4, 2020 by

On Super Tuesday, the voters of Maine overwhelmingly rejected a misguided attempt to overturn the state’s new vaccination requirements, which the Center for Inquiry heralded as a decisive victory for reason and science over misinformation and pseudoscience.  Question 1, a referendum on Tuesday’s ballot in Maine, would have repealed the state’s recent legislation which eliminated …

QUACKWATCH Joins the Center for Inquiry
February 26, 2020 by

For many years, Quackwatch.org and its related websites have been an indispensable and trusted resource in the fight to expose the fraud of health-related pseudoscience and fake medicine. Their mission will continue as part of the Center for Inquiry.  Quackwatch and its related sites house an exhaustive array of information, advice, and news for consumers, activists, media, regulatory …

Equatorial Misinformation Misadventures
February 19, 2020 by

Last month I was editing a piece by Rob Palmer (perhaps better known as “The Well-Known Skeptic”) on the subject of misinformation he encountered in the middle of the world. Or, put another way, bogus information on the equator in Ecuador (a country named after the equator). I had a particular interest in the topic, …

Secular Priorities Front and Center in Meeting with Congressional Freethought Caucus
Office of Public Policy
February 12, 2020 by

Federal lawmakers and leaders from the secular community met on Capitol Hill on Monday, February 10, when the Congressional Freethought Caucus invited secular advocacy organizations to share ideas and discuss priorities. The Center for Inquiry was there, represented by president and CEO Robyn Blumner and Director of Government Affairs Jason Lemieux. Chaired by Reps. Jared …