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It’s a Joke

July 16, 2020

If you’re a sexist jerk who thinks face masks make you into a sissy, you’re 25 percentage points more likely to get COVID-19.

Meanwhile, Oklahoma governor Kevin Stitt has gotten COVID-19 after boasting about going into a packed restaurant maskless.

Gov. Brian Kemp of Georgia seems eager to get as many people sick as possible, as he forbids cities from imposing mask mandates. Meanwhile, Georgia is breaking records for new cases just about every day.

Rev. William Barber and Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove write at Time that “governors who are most willing to watch their citizens die are the ones who have used ‘pro-life’ rhetoric to compel people of faith to support the narrow interests of corporate greed and white political power. COVID has revealed how the ‘pro-life’ movement is killing us.

Pro-life Rush Limbaugh suggests we look to the cannibalism of the Donner Party as a model for adapting to the COVID-19 era. You know, like Alex Jones does.

Seth Cohen at Forbes says of the White House’s demonization of Anthony Fauci, “[By] shaking Americans’ trust in expertise, and encouraging them to question the motivations behind medial experts, critics are playing a deadly game not only with America’s health and economy, but the very nature of the country itself.”

Head of a “nutraceutical” company in California, Huu Tieu, was arrested for fraud over claiming his “ImunStem” product had been approved by the FDA to treat COVID-19.

Clea Skopeliti at Vice profiles folks who have come out the other side of conspiracy theory belief. “There isn’t a boogeyman around every corner,” says one guy. “The mistrust and paranoia is gone.”

Tanya Basu at MIT Technology Review rounds up tips for talking to folks still in conspiracy-theory world. “People aren’t going to have seismic shifts in beliefs all at once.”

ABC News meets some of the COVID-deniers inspired by Trump. “COVID is nothing but an avenue … to try to take the president out,” says one. “It’s a brainwashing. There’s no reason to be scared. Absolutely not. It’s a joke.”

Oh yes, it’s a joke alright.

Ryan Burge takes a deep dive into how atheists, agnostics, and Nones have voted in presidential elections, and it’s interesting to see that in 2016, Nones (as opposed to atheists and agnostics) ticked up for Trump in comparison to their votes for previous Republican candidates. He says for Biden to win in 2020, those “nothing in particulars” need to reverse that.

Rori Kramer of the American Jewish World Service warns about Mike Pompeo’s Commission on Unalienable Rights, saying, “The group will almost certainly champion the religious liberty of right-wing conservatives over the rights of the many, specifically women and LGBTQI+ people.”

Now this is a novel court decision. A UK court says, sure, a foster care agency can discriminate against non-Christians, but it can’t discriminate against gay Christians.

Roger Stone says the people who prosecuted him are satanic and are not “believers in God.” Robert Mueller’s team declined to answer whether or not they were satanic atheists.

The Freethought Trail announces a new profile and new site pages for 19th-century woman’s rights and dress reform advocate Amelia Jenks Bloomer.

CSICon isn’t the only event that references Bigfoot that’s been canceled due to the pandemic. The Bigfoot monster truck open house has also been canceled. It’ll reopen again SOMEDAY SOMEDAY SOMMMEDAAAYYY.

CFI Overlord of Libraries Tim Binga finds a really cool, old photograph from 1911 of the Ingersoll family surrounding the Robert Green Ingersoll memorial in Peoria, Illinois.

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