Jerry is Watching

September 10, 2019

Brandon Ambrosino at Politico Magazine has a big exposé on Jerry Falwell Jr. and the corruption that saturates Liberty University:

“We’re not a school; we’re a real estate hedge fund,” said a senior university official with inside knowledge of Liberty’s finances. “We’re not educating; we’re buying real estate every year and taking students’ money to do it.” …

… “It’s a dictatorship,” one current high-level employee of the school said. “Nobody craps at the university without Jerry’s approval.”

“Everybody is scared for their life. Everybody walks around in fear,” said a current university employee who agreed to speak for this article only after purchasing a burner phone, fearing that Falwell was monitoring their communications. The fear is not limited to Liberty’s campus. Several people who lack any tie to Liberty but live in the school’s hometown of Lynchburg, Virginia, refused to go on the record for this story, fearing Falwell would take revenge upon them and their families. “Fear is probably his most powerful weapon,” a former senior university official said.

Gov. Gavin Newsom signed into law SB 276, which cracks down on doctors giving out fraudulent medical exemptions to vaccinations. Looks like the scene with hundreds of antivaxxer protestors was pretty ugly, but the right thing was done.

I can’t believe I missed this one. Rep. Mark Walker, ranking member of the House Intelligence and Counterrorism subcommittee, accused the U.S. Navy of withholding information regarding UFO sightings. And we all know the only reason the MILITARY would every be SECRETIVE is because of SPACE ALIENS. There is literally no other reason this could ever, ever happen.

David French, in his ongoing dispute with Sohrab Ahmari, points out something about Ahmari’s frothing rage about Drag Queen Story Hours at public libraries: If you ban them, and, as such, nix the idea of viewpoint neutrality, “you would suddenly find the doors of university classrooms, library reading rooms, and publicly-owned civic centers slammed in Christian faces in cities across the land.” Hm.

A handful of Christian activists in San Antonio are suing the city over the decision to exclude Chik-fil-A from the airport. This is the world we live in (OH-oh-oh) and these are the hands we’re given (oh-OH-oh).

Frank Robinson at the Albany Times Union compares the religious fervency of Trump’s evangelical base, and how it’s incumbent on Trump’s nonreligious opponents to see voting as a kind of civic sacrament.

Down on your luck? The New Mexico Christian Chidren’s Home will totally take care of you and your family, with food, clothing, utilities, the works. Oh there’s this:

But with those benefits come expectations: No smoking or drinking. No physical relationships. No guests of the opposite sex, except for relatives.

And for many, this is the big one: The entire family must attend church services three times per week.

Kentucky’s legislature heard testimony supporting a law criminalizing female genital mutilation, and the testimony came from a woman who comes from a Christian background. I’m with Hemant in wondering, whoa, which denomination is doing this??

Pat Robertson warns that we’re all going to get leprosy because of abortion. Well that’s just GREAT.

Two teachers in Quebec are confirmed to have been denied jobs because of the religious symbols they wear, a result of the province’s new utra-secularism law. You think things are severe there? In Uzbekistan, there are beard-shaving raids.

Tamara Dietrich at Virginia’s Daily Press profiles Dr. Paul Offit, “a man on a mission” who is “paying a price for it,” what with all the death threats and heckling from antivaxxers.

Scientists have dug into the Chicxulub crater in New Mexico, where the dinosaur-killing asteroid made impact, and according to WSJ, “extracted a unique geologic record of the single worst day in the history of life on Earth.” Well, maybe a close second.

At the Spectator, Edzard Ernst reminds us, hey everybody, think twice before you eat that placenta.

Quote of the Day

Fake psychic-healer Sherry Tina Uwanawich is sentenced to three years in federal prison for bilking a woman out of $1.6 million to lift a curse. Guess who helped bring her to justice? Hunter of fake psychics, private investigator Bob Nygaard. The Houston Chronicle reports:

“The emotional abuse and financial decimation that my client suffered at the hands of this ruthless self-proclaimed psychic, namely Sherry Uwanawich, was abhorrent,” Nygaard said.

“I’m really proud of her for being brave and seeking justice instead of suffering in silence as many victims often do,” the private investigator added. “If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from years of specializing in investigating confidence crimes it’s that anyone can be scammed by a professional con artist when going through a vulnerable time in his or her life.”

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