“The Unbelievers”: Video takes a look at the Metro State Atheists at MSCD

May 5, 2009

A new video short by UC Denver student Rachel Del Giudice takes a documentary look at CFI campus affiliate   Metro State Atheists at Metropolitan State College of Denver.








  Directed and edited by Rachel Del Giudice.  Cinematographer: Eric Carlson.  (c) 2009.

Metro State Atheists has had a stellar year: they’ve hosted major events on campus featuring blogger   PZ Myers ,   New York Times bestselling author   Victor Stenger , and astrobiologist   David Grinspoon , and, as part of the Colorado Coalition of Reason (   COCORE ), were involved with the placement of billboards around Denver saying, "Don’t believe in God?  You are not alone."  Metro State Atheists president Joel Guttormson acted as spokesperson during the media flare-up surrounding the billboards.  (See the   January 2009 Campus Inquirer article describing the controversy.)

Congratulations also to Metro State Atheists for   winning MSCD Student Organization of the Year !  (Question—am I the only one who smiles a little when I see the word "ATHEISTS" emblazoned on an award like this?)