More “Fan” Mail: How Are We Secular Humanists So Sure We’re Right, Huh?

August 5, 2010

Here at CFI, we receive occasional e-mails , phone messages, and letters from very angry individuals who can’t believe we are so BLIND to the TRUTH about THE BIBLE/ESP/vaccines/aliens/God/Bigfoot/etc.  If I’m lucky enough to come across one in paper form, I save it in my “‘Fan’ Mail” file folder for future inspiration; e-mails are labeled similarly in Gmail.  Below is a recent favorite that was sent to the Council for Secular Humanism’s general e-mail address: ( name deleted for privacy )

Hi Free Inquiry Folks:

I would like to know what makes you so sure you are right and billions the faithful of all religions are wrong.  You spout off on all the reasons why faith is so old school and out dated yet you offer nothing, NOTHING at all to replace it.  If faith is what gets people through difficult times, if belief in JESUS gives them comfort, if the hope of salvation gives them a reason to follow the right path in this life, what is so wrong with that?  I am a scientist with advanced degrees including a doctorate in science and yet I still have room for faith in my life.  And yes, I also believe in evolution.  But even evolution itself could very well be part of GOD’s plan.  When we do anything even as simple as baking a cake we start from scratch (if we have any sense of pride as a chef we don’t start from a box or heaven forbid a store bought cake).  Why, pray tell, could it not be that GOD started with enzymes and amino acids in a primeval sea with us in mind all along.  What is it about faith that scares you so much?  I have this horrible, Stephen King, nightmare of a mental picture of you folks hissing like vampires when confronted with a cross or scurrying for the exits like cockroaches when someone shines the light of truth on you.  I will pray for the salvation of each and everyone of your souls.

GOD Bless you, T—–

It’s good to see that we’re inspiring the creative spirit out there.