Nigerian Nightmare

July 31, 2009

The Center for Inquiry’s anti-superstition campaign is in full swing. Leo Igwe of the Center for Inquiry/Nigeria is spearheading the effort. He has taken the campaign from Ghana to Nigeria.

On the morning of July 29,2009, Igwe was heading a conference on witchcraft and the rights of children. However, the conference was interrupted by a mob of about 150-200 members of the Liberty Gospel Church, headed by the infamous witch hunter, Helen Ukpabio.

The mob attacked Igwe, broke his glasses and stole his bag, camera, digital phone and other items. But amazingly, the conference was not cancelled.

Igwe was not seriously injured, and he has vowed to carry on. He says the answer to this kind of violence is "seminars, seminars, and more seminars." Similarly, George Ongere of the Center for Inquiry/Kenya says the violence will not deter humanists in Kenya. If anything, it will only make them more committed to eradicating superstition on the African continent.

Humanists throughout Africa and from all over the world have sent Igwe messages of thanks and encouragement. The anti-superstition campaign is an idea whose time has come, and its leaders will not be stopped.