Ooze Through the Cracks

June 12, 2018


Almost as though it was meant to dampen the feeling of inspiration from Bonya Ahmed’s TEDx talk, Shahzahan Bachchu, an atheist poet and publisher in Bangladesh, was dragged out from a store by two assailants and shot in the street. Hemant writes:

Asif Mohiuddin, an atheist who was attacked by extremists in 2013, told a rather depressing story on Facebook in a post remembering his friend. Besides suggesting that the “religion of peace” is responsible for this, he wrote about how he once told Bachchu to watch out for extremists who may try to take his life.

Bachchu didn’t take him seriously at the time, saying, “Who will kill me?”

Because this remains something we need to do, CFI West’s Jim Underdown is a guest on the SETI podcast Big Picture Science discussing the rise of the flat-Earthers.

The intelligent design-promoting Evolution News uses a Stuart Vyse Skeptical Inquirer article to prove…um…I dunno, something-something-liberals-can-be-wrong-something.

Y’all, UFOs are getting harder to find! Plus, I’m having increasing difficulty summoning my Patronus (a totally freaked-out squirrel, natch), and my alchemical potion doesn’t seem to have the same lead-to-gold powers it used to. Things are tough all over!

Benjamin Radford at CSICOP.org discusses “pink slime,” the commonly used and demonized meat filler, how it got people so freaked out, and why skeptics weren’t there to push back:

Skepticism’s failure to help the public put the pink slime scare into perspective is no one’s fault; there are too few skeptics and too many potential topics and inevitably some worthy subjects simply slip through the cracks.

Or, they ooze through the cracks. Like slime. See what I did there?

The Southern Baptist Convention boots out the Raleigh White Baptist Church over “clear evidence of the church’s intentional discriminatory acts.”

And while the LDS Church no longer bans members of African descent, 61 percent of white Mormons still believe the ban was God’s will.

Evangelical writer Beth Moore implores Christians to distinguish between “sexual immorality” and “sexual criminality” to address sexual abuse and make sure people feel free to report such abuse.

In case you weren’t sure if they still hated the gays, the Indiana GOP would like to assure you, yes, in fact, they do.

At Vox, Caroline McCarthy, a former Googler, says Silicon Valley’s bias isn’t really just about political conservatives, but against anyone who doesn’t align with its specific culture of irreligion and self-proclaimed rationalism coupled with various spiritual and pseudoscientific beliefs and hero worship.

Harriet Hall reassures us that, no, sunscreens don’t cause skin cancer, despite what a hyperventilating book by Elizabeth Plourde says.

We’re running out of sand. No, really. And apparently the stuff in the desert isn’t useful enough.

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