Ostracized and Unworthy

June 5, 2018


Cakeshop. UGH. The Supreme-ish Court says the Colorado Civil Rights Commission botched the case by showing “hostility” toward the religious beliefs of the cakeshop-guy-who-doesn’t-like-the-gays, more or less forcing the process to start over. But it also means that the couple at the center of the case, David Mullins and Charlie Craig, have lost for now.

As you can imagine, we are not happy:

“The Supreme Court missed a major chance today to reaffirm decades of civil rights jurisprudence,” said Nick Little, CFI’s Legal Director. “Jack Phillips opens his business to the public. He doesn’t get to decide to refuse to serve gay people, or interracial couples, or people of different religions.”

But this whole question of who religious folks can legally treat like garbage is coming up all over the place:

  • Remember that Tennessee law that allows therapists with “religious objections” to turn away gay patients? A federal court has just agreed that a gay Army veteran has standing to challenge the law because he was “made to feel ostracized and unworthy as a non-adherent to the religiously-based, anti-LGBT preference.”
  • An event center in Portland, Oregon had their business collapse after the church that owned the property forced them to turn down customers from an LGBTQ organization, which made everyone hate them and not want to do business with them, even though it was against the business’s will. So now the event center folks are suing the church.

Jennifer Finney Boylan at the Times, considering Cakeshop and all these other cases, says this is out of control, and the only way to solve this mess is a constitutional amendment:

Call it the Dignity Amendment. The text might read: “Equality of rights under the law shall not be abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex, sexual orientation or gender identity.” … The Dignity Amendment would guarantee that L.G.B.T.Q. Americans are treated like all other Americans. It would send the message that we are part of the fabric of this nation. It would guarantee that our rights as taxpayers and as participants in the civic life of the country cannot be abridged because of our private lives.

She adds: “What would it not do? It would not turn you gay.”

The Juno mission to Jupiter was supposed to end this year, but things are going so well that the probe will reportedly continue its explorations of the Jovian neighborhood until July 2021, with scientific work on the data going until September 2022.

Bryan Fischer takes a scientific paper on how evolution happens a lot to mean that evolution never happens.

Bayer is buying Monsanto, and the Monsanto brand will disappear. That means we skeptics can now be shills for Big Pharma and Big Ag AT THE SAME TIME. #convenience

Quote of the Day

At Pacific Standard, Ben Rowan considers why fake news so easily spreads while the truths are harder to accept:

As our society has become more technocratic and more reliant on complex algorithmic models to explain to us what isn’t readily observed, facts have taken on a mystical, undemocratic nature. Experts have replaced Aristotle’s philosopher-kings as those who have exclusive access to truths no one else can independently derive. To know where facts come from today is nearly impossible. Whereas in the past simpler scientific discoveries could be independently proven—anyone could verify gravity existed, say, by dropping his own hat or glove—today too much expertise is involved: I, and likely you, cannot reproduce the Congressional Budget Office’s analysis to determine the deficit-cost of a tax plan.

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