‘Over It’ Follow-Up: Why Would Anyone Criticize an Anti-Rape Poem?

February 18, 2013

In November 2011, award-winning playwright and feminist activist Eve Ensler wrote a poem about rape called “Over It” (the first line is “I am over rape”). A few days ago I wrote a poem based on “Over It,” using the same title, the same structure, and some of the same lines-echoing, expanding on, and supporting many of Ensler’s sentiments. In response, PZ Myers wrote a blog titled, “You don’t get to be ‘over’ rape,” telling me (and, by extension, Eve Ensler) that “you don’t get to be ‘over’ rape.” I may disagree with Ensler’s statistics and methods (while agreeing with her goals), but I would never question her motivations, nor tell Ensler that she doesn’t “get to be ‘over rape’.” I am “over rape” in exactly the same way Ensler is “over rape.”

Why PZ Myers (or anyone else) would presume to criticize an anti-rape poem (of all things) by a prominent feminist is beyond me, but at least one of us is terribly, terribly confused.