Religious Liberty Rock Opera
September 22, 2020

CFI’s legal director Nick Little expressed better than any of us could just what Justice Ginsburg meant to our secular-skeptic-reality-based movement. “When the majority of the Supreme Court lurched to the right, permitting religious exemptions that would harm innocent parties, the Notorious RBG held firm in her belief that justice demands that a person’s faith …

How To Think About The Apocalypse, Now
September 21, 2020

Classically, the word Apocalypse refers to the end times described in the book of Revelation in the bible. We can safely ignore this because Revelation is batshit crazy – even by biblical standards. The insanity that goes down in Revelation makes Noah’s Flood seem like a county fair. Even most Christians have to read Revelation and say, “God wouldn’t do that.” (Wouldn’t he?)

May Her Memory Be a Blessing: On the Loss of Ruth Bader Ginsburg
September 21, 2020

We lost a friend Friday night. And, as a movement, we in the secular, pro-science, reality-based community don’t have a lot of friends in positions of power. Certainly not friends like Justice Ginsburg. For issues at the core of our mission here at the Center for Inquiry, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was more than a …

Trouble, Trebled
September 21, 2020

You already know. Ruth Bader Ginsburg died on Friday night. We’ll have more to say later today, but it’s a punch to the gut. No, it’s a battering ram to the gut. Let’s meet the person who seems to be at the top of the list to replace Ginsburg, Judge Amy Coney Barrett. RNS says …

Human Rights Subscription Bundle
September 18, 2020

At Skeptical Inquirer: Susan Gerbic—the woman who did such a great job exposing fake-psychic Thomas John that the New York Times covered it—reviews John’s new show. Benjamin Radford looks back on the exploratory work of naturalist George Cherrie and his reflections on “various bizarre topics including ghost beliefs and superstitions.” Hey, make sure you’re following …

George Cherrie and the Venezuelan Dancing Devil
September 17, 2020


One of the most celebrated American naturalist/explorers was George K. Cherrie (1865–1948), who in his 1930 book Dark Trails: Adventures of a Naturalist (G.P. Putnam’s Sons) wrote about his adventures, primarily in Central and South America. Cherrie engaged in many expeditions, perhaps most famously accompanying Theodore Roosevelt on his nearly-disastrous 1913–1914 jungle descent of Brazil’s …

Three Hours of Shoe Shopping
September 17, 2020

FiveThirtyEight looks at the lack of Democratic outreach to nonreligious voters. Political science professor David Campbell says, “Until parties and politicians start talking to secular voters as a bloc, voters won’t see themselves that way either.” Ronald F. Inglehart writes at Foreign Affairs about a huge global decline in religion since 2007. “As unexpected as …

The King of Wishful Thinking
September 16, 2020

Scientific American endorses a presidential candidate for the first time in its 175-year history. Notice you didn’t need me to tell you which one. “The evidence and the science show that Donald Trump has badly damaged the U.S. and its people—because he rejects evidence and science.” Oh come on, SciAm, that’s harsh, isn’t it? Let’s …

Buckets of Disillusionment
September 15, 2020

Okay, there might be something alive on Venus. WHO SAW THAT COMING? Well, Carl Sagan did! The Times writes, “Many planetary scientists, including Carl Sagan and Harold Morowitz, who proposed the idea 53 years ago, have hypothesized life may exist there.” Well let’s have a look! Nature, September 16, 1967: While the surface conditions of …

Apocalypse Always
September 14, 2020

We have filed our appeal against the dismissal of our case against Walmart and their deceptive sale of homeopathic snake oil: “Walmart knows homeopathy doesn’t work,” said Little. “The confusion it causes consumers is intentional. The potential for harm is obvious. And we will be happy to make that very clear when this case finally …