Ooze Through the Cracks
June 12, 2018

Almost as though it was meant to dampen the feeling of inspiration from Bonya Ahmed’s TEDx talk, Shahzahan Bachchu, an atheist poet and publisher in Bangladesh, was dragged out from a store by two assailants and shot in the street. Hemant writes: Asif Mohiuddin, an atheist who was attacked by extremists in 2013, told a …

A Particular Splinter
June 11, 2018

I was traveling last week in order to face the withering scrutiny of the CFI Board of Directors, and since I haven’t been fired yet (yet!), I’m now back to catch up on many days of news. (There was so much, I had to declare Google Alerts Bankruptcy.) One of my heroes, Bonya Ahmed, has …

Fortunetelling Automata
June 8, 2018

In my collection is an old piece of ephemera, a small card folder reading, “Princess Doraldina’s Prophecies.” I’ve had it for several years, stashed with some fortune-telling items. I finally decided to find out more about it. Here’s where my search led. Princess Doraldina was an arcade automaton fortune teller. Made by the Doraldina Corp., …

June 6, 2018

Our legal director Nick Little tries to suss out what the hell happened in the SCOTUS Cakeshop case, and sort of assures us that “the decision is bad, and the future is murky. But the sky hasn’t fallen. Yet.” In Free Inquiry, Tom Flynn reminds us that freethought’s history is not just something that slipped …

What the Hell Happened with Masterpiece Cakeshop?
June 5, 2018

Some decisions by the Supreme Court you just know are good or bad from who wrote them. If a church state opinion is authored by Justice Ginsburg, I know I am going to be OK with it. And, up to now, if an opinion touching on LGBT rights was written by Justice Kennedy, everything was …

Ostracized and Unworthy
June 5, 2018

Cakeshop. UGH. The Supreme-ish Court says the Colorado Civil Rights Commission botched the case by showing “hostility” toward the religious beliefs of the cakeshop-guy-who-doesn’t-like-the-gays, more or less forcing the process to start over. But it also means that the couple at the center of the case, David Mullins and Charlie Craig, have lost for now. As …

Orthodox Bitziism
June 4, 2018

Oh wow, look at our new digs! Our web team has managed to wrench us out of our website from the neighborhood where Geocities and Alta Vista hang out, and bring us firmly into the 21st Century. Very spacious and modern. Swanky. Cakeshop. Damn. SCOTUS’s decision just dropped. I’ll have to get to it tomorrow …

Rising Toward Apoplexy
June 1, 2018

The Morning Heresy is your daily digest of news and links relevant to the secular and skeptic communities.  

We here a CFI have this crazy idea that religious people aren’t the only ones who should be allowed to have their marriages solemnized by a representative of their worldview. I know, we’re so selfish. So we’ve just filed a lawsuit in Michigan to see to it that Secular Celebrants can solemnize marriages. One of our plaintiffs is a familiar fellow, one Ed Brayton, who writes:

I think that secular-minded people in the state should have their wishes respected in terms of the person they’d like to officiate important rituals like weddings and funerals and I look forward to being able to provide that for them when this suit is finished.

I Am Your Density
May 31, 2018

The Morning Heresy is your daily digest of news and links relevant to the secular and skeptic communities.  

Try not to squirt your coffee out your nose as you giggle at the concept of “Correactology,” an alt-med treatment devised by two Canadians that involves regulating “the density of cells in the body” through light touch. I mean holy crap. Here’s deputy editor of the Canadian Medical Associations’s journal, Dr. Matthew Stanbrook, as reported by the CBC:

That makes absolutely no sense, to talk about the density of cells not being ‘optimal.’ It makes even less sense to put forward the idea that through the manipulation involving touching, one could set the density of cells to an ‘optimum level.’ That is pseudo-science that uses a scientific word that … doesn’t mean what density means. 

Solo: A Star Wars Story
May 30, 2018

Despite a loud and clunky middle third, Solo is an enjoyable Grade-B popcorn muncher.