Seth McFarlane’s “Family Guy” Embraces Secular Humanism
March 30, 2009

Has Carl Sagan been reincarnated in the form of an alcoholic talking dog?

The Humanist Life is the Aesthetic Life
March 30, 2009

Aesthetic appreciation is important for life. Does the humanist life essentially involve artistic expression?

Demonizing in Connecticut
March 27, 2009

Demonic movie “Based on true events” is a crock

The Premature Burial of the Religious Right
March 26, 2009

Ever the optimist, Ron Lindsay perceives a vigorous heartbeat in the left-for-dead religious right.

The ABCs of UFOtos
March 26, 2009

A Quick Do It Yourself Guide To Shooting Your Own Spaceship

Benedict XVI Condoms Explode Over Paris
March 26, 2009

In Paris, condoms bearing the Pope’s smiling visage are all the rage.

Psychics Blind in Investment Scandal
March 25, 2009

Buffalo-area “psychics” fail to foresee doom

Latest on Dawkins and Oklahoma
March 20, 2009

An update on free speech — or the lack thereof — in Oklahoma.

Could Atheism Prove that God does not Exist?
March 20, 2009

Maybe atheism should not take on a burden of proof that rightly belongs to the religious believer.

Is Evangelical Christianity Done For?
March 20, 2009

What’s next for secular humanists after they win the culture war?