A Radical View on Population
March 13, 2009

Steven Kotler has the most radical take on population I’ve read lately. But try to find anything wrong with it.

Afghan Court Upholds Student Journalist’s 20-Year Sentence for Blasphemy
March 12, 2009

The Afghan Supreme Court has upheld a 20-year sentence for the “crime” of blasphemy.

Levy Case a Psychic Failure
March 10, 2009

“Psychics” useless in Chandra Levy case

Who’s “We,” White Man?  Or, The Media’s Mythical Majority
March 9, 2009

Lazy writers use phrases like “We are obsessed with celebrity” in news and media reports, making incorrect overgeneralizations

American Nonbelievers are now Third behind Catholics and Baptists
March 9, 2009

The just-released 2008 American Religious Identification Survey shows that nonbelievers make up 15% of the American population.

Pay Attention to the Cross in the Doughnut Hole
March 4, 2009

A new Supreme Court case will provide a clue to the Obama administration’s views on church-state issues.

The New Snake Oil
March 4, 2009

Alternative Medicine: acupuncture or quackapuncture?

Strange Responses to a Skeptical Article
March 3, 2009

Three readers commented on a recent skeptical article about the paranormal; none were very happy.

Obama ready to undo Bush medical conscience clause
March 2, 2009

Obama will reverse a Bush regulation letting health care workers avoid duties that they find religiously objectionable.

Your Definitive Guide to Heaven in 2009 (and 2010, 2011…)
February 25, 2009

Here’s everything you need to know about heaven—oh wait, most people reading this are going to hell. OK, we’ll cover that soon.