Supreme Court Ruling a Crock of Shit
April 29, 2009

Is a barefoot man any happier to step in a warm pile of excrement?

Blowback? SF Chronicle: CIA Introduced Swine Flu in Cuba to Weaken Castro
April 29, 2009

San Francisco Chronicle reported that anti-Castro forces, with the help of the CIA, introduced swine flu to Cuba

Is Atheism Becoming Cool?
April 29, 2009

Recent media hits suggest the A-word may be losing its stigma.

Priest Sex Abuse: Two Questioned Assumptions
April 24, 2009

There’s little evidence for two things most people think they know about the priest sex abuse scandal.

Debating Gods: Christianity vs. Islam on the One True God
April 24, 2009

Let’s look closer at an academic debate over the One True God between a Christian and a Muslim. The Truth, anyone?

Not-so-Psychic Sylvia Browne
April 23, 2009

Infamous “psychic” continues to refuse scientific testing

Politics, Hypocrisy, and Torture
April 23, 2009

The Democrats’ hands are not exactly clean when it comes to torture.

New film “The Soloist” Features (and slightly mocks) Atheists
April 22, 2009

The new Robert Downey / Jamie Foxx film “The Soloist” depicts atheists

Unsolved Serial Killings Haunt NM; Where are the Psychics?
April 22, 2009

New Mexico has been stalked by a serial killer, dumping bodies in the desert. Why aren’t psychics helping solve the crime?

When a Priest Preys on Another Priest
April 21, 2009

A New Spin on an Old Story of Sexual Abuse