Obama nominates Francis Collins to become director of the National Institutes of Health
July 27, 2009

Does Obama’s new nominee for director of the NIH believe that we must look to religion to explain our moral sense?

CFI Civic Days—On the Hill and In the Halls
July 25, 2009

CFI Civic Days are an opportunity to promote the scientific outlook to our nation’s decision makers.

Former President Jimmy Carter denounces the Southern Baptists again
July 20, 2009

Jimmy Carter explains why no religion can justify any inequality of women, with special condemnation for Christianity and Islam

The IIG Awards
July 16, 2009

Thanks from an award recipient

Skeptical MonsterScience.org Web site & Podcast Launched!
July 14, 2009

A new educational Web site about the science of monsters is now available: MonsterScience.org.

Free Speech Watch: Gagging in Ireland but blaspheming in Canada
July 10, 2009

Ireland passes a bill criminalizing blasphemy. On the very same day, Canada affirms free speech.

Famous ‘Psychic’ Blindsided
July 10, 2009

Rosemary Altea fails to “see” self being scammed.

Michael Jackson, Larry King, and me
July 7, 2009

An irrelevant (to say nothing of irreverent) reminiscence about the Kings of Pop and Talk

Not Islam v. Christianity, but Islam v. Humanism in Britain
July 5, 2009

Bishop announces the Church of England is dying. The opposition to sharia law now rests with humanistic principles of democracy.

Crop Circles Evolve
July 3, 2009

England’s crop-circle formations prompt an iconological study.