Bill O’Reilly Dazzles with Dawkins
October 10, 2009

An impressive diplay of interviewing skills when Richard Dawkins recently appeared on FOX News’ O’Relly Factor

Obama the secular humanist savior?
October 9, 2009

According to the National Republican TrustPAC, the “secular humanist” Nobel Prize Committee believes in Obama as kind of Messiah

Celebrity Rape and Justice
October 8, 2009

Polanski should receive his next award in prison

Charlie Sitzes Requests Listing on Adopt a Liberal Roster—Wants to Follow the Money
October 6, 2009

Charlie Sitzes Asks to Be on the Adopt a Liberal Roster–Faith is Where the Money Is.

Monkey See, Monkey Feel, Monkey Good?
October 6, 2009

Our primate cousins are often very kind to each other. Is this evidence of compassion and even morality in the wild?

The First Amendment and Obama’s Administration
October 6, 2009

On October 2, 2009, the U.N. Human Rights Council approved a resolution that was cosponsored by the United States and Egypt…

Alt Med Proponents Trumpet Lobbying Success on Health Care Reform
October 5, 2009

Alternative Medicine lobbyists are crowing about the inclusion of alt med in the Senate health care reform bill.

Blasphemy Day Across Canada: Freedom Party Prez, Satanic Verses Thrown in the trash + much else
October 5, 2009

A cross Canada review of Blasphemy Day with highlights from Toronto, Montreal, Saskatoon and elsewhere

Sen. Claire McCaskill Appears on NPR Game Show in honor of Blasphemy Day
October 4, 2009

The Missouri Senator appears on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me To be quizzed on Blasphemy Day

Oh, God! Yet More About Blasphemy Day?
October 2, 2009

Why CFI Commemorated Blasphemy Day