Penn & Teller’s Bullshit blasphemes the Vatican

September 6, 2009

bullshit.jpg As the first celebration of Blasphemy Day (September 30) approaches, a recent episode of Penn & Teller’s Bullshit took on the Vatican:

The half-hour show libeled the Catholic Church with impunity, blaming the Church for, as [Bill] Donohue put it, “every evil in history.” Show host Jillette said the “intolerance, greed, paranoia, hypocrisy and callous disregard for human suffering” was the hallmark of the Catholic Church. Others on the show branded the Church as an “amoral” and “power hungry” institution that is just worried about its “cash flow.”

Not surprisingly, the Catholic League claims the show was full of errors and lies:

Jillette lied about the Vatican’s reaction to Sabina Guzzanti, an Italian foul-mouthed comedian who staged an assault on the pope in 2008: the pope never sought to throw “her sexy ass in jail” and never once sought any punitive measure against her—it’s all a bald face lie! Jillette lied about a 1962 Vatican document—it was a statement about penalties for priests who used the confessional to solicit sex: it was not a cover-up for sexual misconduct! He lied about Pope Benedict XVI—he had absolutely nothing to do with overseeing cases of priestly sexual misconduct in the United States! And so on.

Spokesmen for Catholics for Choice, SNAP and Dignity—three anti-Catholic groups that lie about their Catholic status—twisted, distorted and ridiculed Church teachings on sexuality.


The National Secular Society reports that:

Keith Porteous Wood, one of the interviewees in the show, was unrepentant, saying he was proud to have to been a part of the programme. “Penn & Teller said something that was long overdue – that the Vatican has a lot of answering to do for its corruption, greed and disgraceful attempts to cover up child abuse by its priests. Even worse than that is the damage through its irrational and dishonest opposition to contraception. This is playing a major role in the population explosion that the planet simply cannot support, in unnecessary deaths from AIDS and in massively increasing poverty” he said. “What is truly shocking is that governments and international organisations are unwilling to take on the Vatican, which uses its position as a half church half nation state to maximise its power while minimising its accountability”.

[From NSS supports Penn & Teller’s right to attack the Vatican on TV | National Secular Society ]

You can view the entire show at Catholic League   or LiveLeak