Photographing Sasquatch

February 4, 2013

Here is an unaltered photograph I made of a Sasquatch my wife and I encountered on December 22, 2012, in rural Pennsylvania. Take a good look: They don’t get much more real than this.

We were eating at the Log Cabin Inn (near Harmony, PA), when Diana spied the creature from one of the spacious rear windows overlooking the woodlands. She called my attention to it, and soon I was able to slip out and get close enough to the entity to snap a few photos.

This was better luck than we’d had on an earlier (February 2008) Pennsylvania excursion. (We had left our snow-covered cabin and gone on a wild-goose—er, Bigfoot—chase for, apparently, a black bear with mange.)

This time we not only got photos, but, as anyone can see, the creature was neither a bear nor a specimen of “Bigsuit” (i.e., homo sapiens wearing a furry costume—as in the famously hoaxed Roger Patterson film of 1967).

True, our Sasquatch may look a bit wooden, but then so do Al Gore and Mitt Romney at times. True also, the photogenic creature never moved a muscle (if such he had) during the several minutes we kept him in view. Additionally true, the restaurant’s menu features a “Sasquatch Burger.”

But what does any of this prove? On less convincing evidence ghost hunter Jason Hawes touts spirits of the dead, and UFOlogist Stanton T. Friedman claims conspiracies to cover up extraterrestrial incursions. Could such people be fools or hucksters? I rest my case: Sasquatches don’t get much more real than this.