Poem: “The Bigfoot Bear”

February 10, 2016

For the past few years, I have been intensely studying what I call “The Bigfoot Bear”—that is, any bear, especially if standing and even walking upright, that may be mistaken for a Bigfoot. Here I offer a poem on that subject (rather than an investigative report). It is written in a style I have developed, that I call improvisational rhyming. It is perhaps best appreciated when read aloud.

Over the Adirondack's scattered litter of oaks & pines, deer scramble, a bear ambles from rocky nook, &, not angry but wary, hungry, rears on hind legs, stands to look & sniff the air. But there, intruders lurk, watch for Sasquatch to stumble from his fabled lair, now see him stare back, & huff before he turns— bear- like— to ramble off. —Joe Nickell 2013