Praise God for 150,000 dead in Haiti

January 25, 2010

Now that estimates of the Haiti tragedy exceed 150,000 dead , any supernatural God would have a right to be proud of such good work.

For our theist friends out there, let’s be reminded about why God deserves praise for this tragedy. A theistic God can supernaturally control everything, and everything is a part of God’s wonderful plan for the world. (Note to Christians: If you don’t accept both of these notions of God, you are not a theist and you should look into Buddhism or Taoism.) No Christian would judge that God has permitted something to go wrong in Haiti — so praise God!

The Washington Post’s On Faith blog has asked guest bloggers to comment on the Haiti tragedy. You read Dan Dennett’s skeptical commentary. One Christian blogger, James Standish , says that modern Christians can make three mistakes when dealing with tragedy.

  • Mistake 1: There is no devil.
  • Mistake 2: We live in a just world where the good prosper and the wicked suffer.
  • Mistake 3: Humans can judge God.

Hmmmm. If Christians steer clear of these mistakes, will Christians praise God for Haiti?  I think so! 

Maybe the Devil caused the earthquake — but of course, God could prevent or undo anything Satan does. So God permitted the Haiti earthquake.

And maybe we don’t live in a just world after all, so that the good often suffer and the wicked often prosper. So God permitted the Haiti earthquake to unjustly kill good people.

And if we can’t judge God, then we can only judge that God’s earthquake is all for the best. So God permits us to see evil as good.

Praise God for the Haiti earthquake!  And praise God that Christians can’t tell the difference between good and evil well enough to know to condemn God.