Prepare Ye, For the Reason Rally is Nigh!

June 2, 2016


It’s hard to believe, but the 2016 Reason Rally is just about here. Advocacy Days and other related events are already underway, and freethinkers from around the country are packing bags, in transit, and making sure their phones are charged.

But the main event, the Rally itself, starts Saturday morning. That’s the time to start checking in here at for news, updates, images, and incredibly witty and insightful commentary throughout the weekend. Here’s a rundown of who is expected be speaking and when.

Of course we’ll also be on Twitter at @center4inquiry, on Facebook, and yes, we’ve even started posting to Instagram (finally!) as @center4inquiry. So follow us on all the things, so that whatever platform you prefer, CFI will be there to keep you informed and in the center of it all.

If you’re coming to DC, we wish you safe travels, and wherever you are, check back in on Saturday!