Requiem for an Octopus

July 2, 2018


Bertha Vazquez, director of our Teacher Institute for Evolutionary Science, is the guest on Cara Santa Maria’s podcast Talk Nerdy.

CFI is a signatory to this joint statement to the UN Human Rights Council on Mauritania’s use of the death penalty for blasphemy and the imprisonment of a journalist.

Rob Wile at the Miami Herald digs into the past of MoviePass’s sketchy CEO Ted Farnsworth. Why should you care, oh reader of The Morning Heresy? Because one of Farnsworth’s previous sketchy ventures was none other than the Psychic Discovery Network, the 900-number hotline that featured LaToya Jackson as a pitchwoman.

This is just awful: Ohio’s legislature, which I swear is becoming like a right-wing message board, considers a bill that would require schools to out transgender kids to their parents, even if they simply suspect they might “display signs of gender dysphoria.”

You will be shocked, shocked to learn that Vatican City has no written policy on dealing with the sexual abuse of children by clergy. It’s almost like they don’t really want to do anything about it, which I know is crazy.

Denmark is enacting new laws for immigrants (and we’re really talking about Muslims) that compel indoctrination in “Danish values” for “ghetto children” (actual terminology) from the age of 1.

Kylie Sturgess interviews linguistics professor Daniel Midgley about the late Koko the Gorilla and humans’ hopes for animal language.

Sarah Abdulla at the Georgia State Signal looks at how people are suckered en masse by pseudoscience on social media.

Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is trying to get the Pentagon to bring back its UFO-studying program, saying the old program was “so loaded with information.” The Pentagon disagrees.

Speaking of UFOs, Trump-loving conspiracy-zealots are convinced that the “Space Force” idea is really intended to fight space aliens and uncover all the secret technologies that the DEEP STATE has been hiding.

In the Sydney Morning Herald, Wendy Squires explains why, as an atheist, she can’t “just go along” with benign religious rituals for family and loved ones.

Ray Comfort says prayer regenerated a woman’s severed pinky (it didn’t) so checkmate, atheists!

The Semisaurus mobile creationist museum, for when you need to spread lies and delusions on the go.

Rabiot was a “psychic” giant Pacific octopus who “predicted” something about sports. Now he is food.

Quote of the Day

Elizabeth Buhungiro at Rawanda’s The New Times on faith healing:

Restricting your choice to praying during sickness is playing Russian roulette with life. As an adult human being with fully functioning mental faculties you’re free to do this. But it’s inhumane and murderous to involve a defenseless child in that type of situation. I live for the day when it will be prosecutable in all parts of the world.

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