July 19, 2013

  1. What is the difference between a skeptic and a free lunch?
    Answer: One is given to doubt, while the other may be doubted it’s given.
  2. What was the skeptic’s favorite beer after a workout?
    Answer: A stout.
  3. What is sillier than a ghost hunter reporting a ghost?
    Answer: A ghost hunter reporting two ghosts.
  4. What was Houdini’s favorite tune?
    Answer: “Unchained Melody.”
  5. How was Houdini like high water?
    Answer: Tide up.
  6. How is meeting James Randi like exiting a labyrinth?
    Answer: You are a-mazed.
  7. How is a jazz musician like a monster?
    Answer: He’s a boogie man.
  8. What was a flirtatious Countess Dracula’s response when she was rejected?
    Answer: Vamp ire.
  9. When is a fabric like a psychic’s victim?
    Answer: When it’s a seersucker.
  10. When should one be especially skeptical?
    Answer: When there’s “no doubt.”