February 4, 2014

More funny riddles with a science/critical-thinking angle.

  1. What happened to the guy who planned an armored-car heist, then thought more critically about it?

    Answer: He stepped back from the Brink’s.

  2. What did the procrastinating skeptic say about his group’s plans to celebrate a very august occasion?

    Answer: “I think we should wait until September or October.”

  3. What treat do you get when you type “3.1416” on a Steve Jobs computer?

    Answer: Apple pi.

  4. Where might you post something about Blackbeard’s alleged hauntings?

    Answer: Try pirateghosts.aarrgh.

  5. A bit of linen thread, left over from sampling the alleged burial cloth of Jesus, is called what?

    Answer: Shred of Turin.

  6. What did his sidekick say when a certain private eye solved a case through mere guessing?

    Answer: “Sheer luck, Holmes!”

  7. Based on his tracks, what is the thing Bigfoot needs most—other than shoes?

    Answer: A good podiatrist. 

  8. What should a huge vampiric critter from Puerto Rico be called?

    Answer: A supercabra. 

  9. What is a deceptive forgery of a holy painting called?

    Answer: An Eye Con.

  10. What could you call bottled water sold in a Kentucky liquor store?

    Answer: Homeopathic bourbon.