June 17, 2014

More funny riddles with a science/critical-thinking angle.

  1. Catching a Sasquatch would be what kind of endeavor?

         Answer: Big feat.

  2. What is a spirited breeze called?

         Answer: A poltergust.

  3. Who perpetrates UFO hoaxes using balloons?

         Answer: A balloon-a-tic.

  4. What has solved many “Bigfoot” cases?

         Answer: The bear facts.

  5. What brand of cigarettes might ET ask for?

         Answer: Phoenix Lights.

  6. What could we dub the missing lycanthropy patient?

         Answer: A wherewolf.

  7. What did the voodoo doll exclaim?

         Answer: Stop needling me!

  8. What do you call a type of scientist who argues in defense of Bigfoot?

         Answer: An anthro-apologist.

  9. What should we label a false alarm at a certain UFO museum?

         Answer: Roswell Incident.

  10. Who gets out of bed to post a critique of nonsense?

         Answer: A de-bunker.