August 31, 2015

  1. What might James Randi say to believers who want to produce “thoughtographs” like 1970s charlatan Ted Serios?

    Answer: “You can’t be Serios!”

  2. What does the theory of relativity have in common with beer?

    Answer: Ein stein.

  3. What could we call the study of the misperception of owls as extraterrestrial creatures (like Mothman et al.)?

    Answer: ufOWLogy.

  4. What is the supposition that unexplained disturbances are caused by a troubled spirit?

    Answer: A polter-guess.

  5. A jesting disparagement of the “apparition” at Knock, Ireland, in 1879 might be called what?

    Answer: A knock Knock joke.

  6. What can we call one-sided “meanings” offered by those who won’t listen to evidence?

    Answer: Deaf-initions.

  7. What was the supposed sasquatch doing when he left non-hoaxed tracks?

    Answer: Going bear-foot.

  8. What drives a plot to make money with a fake ghost?

    Answer: A con-spirit, see?

  9. What might Star Wars’ Chewbacca be called if he turned vampire?

    Answer: Chewbac-cabra.

  10. What would be the least funny things about monster eggs?”

    Answer: Bad yolks.