February 3, 2015

  1. What did the mistake-prone clairvoyant do after making another error?
       Answer: Offered a re-vision.
  2. What did Houdini reply to the medium who, arrested as a fraud, asked for his help?
       Answer: “My hands are tied.”
  3. If ghosthunters sold their equipment and donned red wigs, white greasepaint, and polka dotted suits, what would they become?
       Answer: Less clownlike than before.
  4. How likely is it that a ghosthunter will find a real haunted house?
       Answer: Not a ghost of a chance!
  5. How did the religious believer injure himself?
       Answer: He made too great a leap of faith.
  6. In the acronym MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), what should “UFO” really stand for?
       Answer: Unfathomably Foolish Obsession.
  7. How does the Skepcook suggest pronouncing donut?
       Answer: “Do not.”
  8. What could a question about relics and their repositories (reliquaries) be called?
       Answer: A relic query.
  9. What was Jesus’ purported burial cloth called before it was in its final home and was sometimes taken on tour?
       Answer: The Shroud a-tourin’.
  10. What did the skeptic say about reports of a monster clam?
       Answer: Extraordinary clams require extraordinary evidence.