June 23, 2016

  1. What happened to the astrologer who went to Hollywood?
    Answer: He became star-struck.
  2. If ETs were wizards, what would they be practicing?
    Answer: Saucery.
  3. What would be the genre of a TV melodrama about New Agers, if produced by a certain talk-show host?
    Answer: A soap Oprah.
  4. What might the superstitious call an outbreak they believed had an evil spirit in its makeup?
    Answer: PanDEMONium.
  5. How are a “haunted” house and a ghost hunter different?
    Answer: One’s “ghosts” are perceived as “orbs,” while the other’s orbs perceive ghosts.
  6. What kind of sandwich would describe the skeptical satirist?
    Answer: A “ham” on wry.
  7. What should an astrologer’s forecast be called when proven inaccurate?
    Answer: A horrid-scope.
  8. How should we describe the dogmatist who’s given to bad wordplay?
    Answer: Puntifical.
  9. What is the likely explanation for two different “strange mysteries?”
    Answer: Pair of normals.
  10. How are a skeptical mathematician and a pro-ESP statistician different?
    Answer: Let me count the ways!