October 26, 2016

1) Where did the Hollywood astrologer find the most remunerative gullibility?

Answer: It was in the stars.


2) What could we call someone who has fanciful ideas about seas?

Answer: A notion-ographer.


3) In what kind of place does a Shakespearean ghost reside?

Answer: A Hamlet.


4) What might one call the skeptic who misidentified a particular mystery creature?

Answer: A chump-a-cabra.


5) What was the fiery death of the cobbler called?

Answer: Spontaneous Shoeman Combustion.


6) What was there most to criticize about the inexperienced quack doctor?

Answer: He was still practicing.


7) What wish could you express to one who seeks a handsome ghost in a mirror?

Answer: “Good Looking.”


8) How is a certain British prince like Bigfoot?

Answer: He’s Harry.


9) What could we call comedians who crack jokes about clairvoyance?

Answer: ESP “cards.”


10) What is the difference between a spirit and an old abode?

Answer: Supposedly one haunts a house, while the other houses a haunt.