December 21, 2016

More funny riddles from a skeptical view.

1) What did the astrologer cast for the rowing enthusiast?

Answer: An oarer’s scope.

2) How are a hungry drunk and a thirsty extraterrestrial somewhat similar?

Answer: One is “in his cups” without a saucer, the other in his saucer without a cup.

3) When is a doubter ineffective?

Answer: When he’s doubted.

4) Where did the crying icon first show up?

Answer: Onionapolis.

5) What kind of sandwich would describe the drunken paranormalist?

Answer: Baloney on rye.

6) What does the debunker think is usually a better term for unidentified flying objects (UFOs)—when it’s suitably acronymed?

Answer: Confusingly Reported Aerial Phenomena.

7) What must the crooked preacher do after he’s caught?

Answer: Faith the music.

8) How might a fairy tale by a witty writer begin?

Answer: “Puns upon a time. . . .”

9) What does the rhyming religious composer typically write?

Answer: Long wrong songs.

10) If the spirit world were real, what might be a phrase in its anthem?

Answer: “One nation, invisible.”