March 1, 2017

  1. What could we term a hoaxed Bigfoot track’s success in fooling believers?
    Answer: A foot accompli.
  2. How did the intended client do well when he attempted to access a psychic phone line?
    Answer: He accidentally dialed a wrong number.
  3. When the Shroud of Turin was carbon-14 dated by double-blind tests, what happened to devotees?
    Answer: They were blindsided.
  4. What entity might have been credited when the Cottingly fairy photos were exposed as schoolgirls’ fakes?
    Answer: The Truth Fairy.
  5. What could we call an “investigator” whose cases are mostly spoofs?
    Answer: A Prankterton.
  6. What was seen accompanying the flying saucer?
    Answer: A flying cup.
  7. How can we characterize a vague psychic?
    Answer: As an unclear-voyant.
  8. Implying that a spirit might be causing some phenomena should be called what?
    Answer: Ghost Hinting.
  9. What is a successful case-solving paranormal investigator called?
    Answer: Bad names.
  10. Why weren’t the aromatherapist’s claims taken seriously?
    Answer: They didn’t pass the smell test.