October 10, 2017

1) A poorly made Yeti snow sculpture would be called what?

Answer: Truly an Abominable Snowman.

2) What was said of the sweet-toothed psychic?

Answer: He was an éclair-voyant.

3) An expedition to secure a Bigfoot’s corpse would consist of what?

Answer: Trekking, tracking. and trucking—if not outright tricking.

4) What could we call a non-partisan political “talking head”?

Answer: An Inde-pundit.

5) After his burglary of the New Age shop, why did the thief give two versions of his crime?

Answer: He wanted to be a second-story man.

6) What would the Russian leader be if he were to act really sophisticated?

Answer: Putin on the Ritz.

7) A refined folktale about a vanishing debutante might be called what?

Answer: An urbane legend.

8) What type of person would mischievously substitute a simple magnifying glass for a New Age friend’s scrying mirror?

Answer: A specular humanist.

9) How was it supposed the spider ghosts communicated?

Answer: Via the Weird, Wild Web.

10) What element of virtual reality did the armchair ghost hunter employ?

Answer: Night-vision Googles.