January 10, 2018


1). Why couldn’t the atheist find an angel?

Answer: He didn’t have a prayer.

2). What was the broom-riding extraterrestrial attempting?

Answer: Flying sorcery.

3). What effect did the clairvoyant have on the skeptic?

Answer: He made her psychic to her stomach.

4). How is studying a volcano like researching Mr. Spock’s sci-fi homeland?

Answer: Either makes one a Vulcanologist.

5). When Pope Francis termed the Turin Shroud an “icon” (work of art) rather than “relic” (genuine burial cloth), did he really know the difference?

Answer: Is the pope Catholic?

6). How did the New Ager use quantum mechanics to support belief in psychic phenomena?

Answer: He made a quantum leap of faith.

7). What expression would you use if you actually encountered Australia’s fabled man-beast?

Answer: “Yowie!!!”

8). A “memory” of an unidentified past life would be called what?

Answer: A deja who?

9). The cryptozoologist seeking a low-budget project, decided to look for what cryptid?

Answer: The cheap-acabra.

10). What might the head of a declining New Age business say if its Czechoslovakian-born mail sorter fell into a letter bin?

Answer: “The Czech is in the mail.”