Sasquatch! Look Out!

June 8, 2016

After speaking at the Imagine No Religion Conference in Vancouver (May 20–22, 2016), I was able to spend some time investigating local mysteries. Notably, private investigator Dale Jackaman and I (see Figure 1) went into an area of prime Sasquatch country—the area around Chilliwack, Harrison Hot Springs, and Hope—where the fabled beast has long been reported, and in the future I intend to relate my investigations of specific historical sightings there.

Here, I want only to cite the report of a woman who, with her mother, was driving out of Harrison Hot Springs in the early hours of one August morning in 1985. She told Thomas Steenburg (In Search of Giants: Bigfoot Sasquatch Encounters, Surrey, B.C.: Hancock House, 2000, 126–127) that she saw a Sasquatch beside the road that, in Steenburg’s words, “appeared to be about to throw something at their car.” The woman called out to her mother, but she kept driving.

The incident actually occurred inside the Harrison Hot Springs town limits. As soon as I read Steenburg’s account, I knew—as he himself had immediately thought—what the witness had actually seen. Indeed, anyone who has driven through the town—only a few miles south of Sasquatch Provincial Park—would know as well.

Standing beside the sign to a campground was a wooden carving of a large Sasquatch, holding aloft a big rock as if poised to throw it into traffic. Seen in poor light, the figure (judging from its present replacement—Figure 2) was no doubt responsible for the mischief.

Numerous Sasquatch figures are seen up and down the streets of Harrison Hot Springs. One night, one of these seemed to come alive to someone who got only a chance glimpse in the dark.