‘SciBabe’ Yvette d’Entremont on Unexpected Allies

June 4, 2016

“Where my reptilians at?” That’s a really good way to get my attention at the beginning of a Reason Rally speech. I mean, come on, what if there are reptilians? Should we just pretend they’re not there?

Yvette d’Entremont, known as the SciBabe for her web videos promoting critical thinking and debunking myths (or, as she put it, “science with a side of dick jokes”), I think made a lot of new fans today. She told a personal story of what she learned from her former organic chemistry professor, who she only learned much later was religious, and yet devoted her life to training critical thinkers and scientists — both to her own students and to younger kids.

What she learned was incredibly valuable, especially for us to remember, that many, many religious people are with us on important points, on any number of crucial issues. How else would we at CFI be able to ally ourselves with religious groups on various issues, all the time?

On the flip side, she echoed what I heard from Cara Santa Maria, that not all atheists are critical thinkers all the time. She cited her experience with atheists who are into things like chakras and fad cleanses and other new-agey things. “That’s a different kind of irrational that we still need to fight,” said d’Entremont.

And she’s right. We’d do well to remember that not everyone within our movement is on the same page on all issues, and that’s okay, but more importantly, that we have allies everywhere, if we’re just open to finding them.