Sex with the Unchurched, Atheist for Trump, Benny Buck$

June 27, 2018


As a general rule, is sex with an atheist better?
Let me know.

—Curious in Kentucky

(This question was asked in one form or another multiple times…)

The answer is yes. Much better. Much much better.

Let’s put it this way: I’m sure there are plenty of believers who can raise the old flag, if you know what I mean. After all, they have been proliferating for millennia.

But if you come over to our team (yes, I am recruiting), sex can be for recreation, not just procreation. We don’t have to deal with magic underwear (Mormon Temple Garments), a maniacal obsession with virginity (some sects of Islam and many other religions), or a stodgy prohibition of sex between anyone but heterosexual men and women.

(I was going to mention Orthodox Jews doing the deed through a hole in a sheet, but that turns out not really to be a thing. So don’t repeat an untruth.)

So once you shed all those hang-ups, the world becomes your oyster, or hot dog – whichever you prefer.

When you see a lot of religious leaders like Joel Osteen, Franklin Graham, Jim Bakker, etc. who are obviously raking in the money, do you think they actually believe in anything they are saying or are they actually evil Ayn Rand worshipping atheist geniuses who’ve come up with the easiest money making scheme and are secretly laughing at their Christian followers as suckers?

—Julien Nitzberg

One thing I’ve learned over the years from dealing with so many people who believe they possess paranormal powers is that human beings have a near infinite capacity for self-deception.

Based on my experience with the Independent Investigations Group, I’d guess that most of the rich-ass TV preachers you mention (and Benny Hinn and others) really do believe they are doing good in the world. They see the adoring believers at their gigs with tears streaming from their eyes because their lumbago feels better (until they walk to their cars) and justify their private planes, mansions, and opulent lifestyles.

“Yeah, I deserve all this. I’m healing people for chrissake!”

If Jesus really lived – and walked around in sandals preaching love between neighbors – it would seem hard to reconcile that guy with Benny Hinn, whose net worth is somewhere in the tens of millions of dollars. Benny, are you familiar with this Bible quote?

It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God. — Matthew 19:23-24, Mark 10:23-25

Courtesy of CFI India

A lot of us have a sense of awe in nature, walking in the woods, or in cathedrals, or for works of art. Some call this awe reverence for God. Do you have that?


Oh, hell yes. (Not the God part.)

There’s probably some biological component to that feeling that is evolutionarily-based. Notice you don’t have the experience when you’re around environments that set off biological or psychological alarms – cesspools, creepy caves, Oakland Raider games.

But I have that feeling of awe or connectedness all the time – usually when I’m in nature or feeling particular warmth for my fellow humans… or other animals sometimes.

Who can look at Michelangelo’s The David and not be wowed? That feeling is innate, I think, regardless of your level of religiosity.

I wrote in the August / September 2004 issue of Free Inquiry of a hiking trip to camp on the floor of the Grand Canyon with two fellow atheists. It was awesome. And I don’t use that word lightly.

My (fake) UFO photo from that trip

I am an atheist, but I am also politically and socially conservative on most issues. I voted for Donald Trump and probably will again! Am I in danger of being excommunicated?


Yes. Get out, Now!

Kidding. Conservatism and atheism are not incompatible. There are lots of atheists who consider themselves to the right politically.

I would point out, however, that Evangelical Christians and the Republican Party have been bedfellows since Reagan was POTUS.

I don’t believe for a minute that Trump is a devout Christian, but how do you feel about his hyper-religious VP and cabinet choices? Other aspects of your views must override your religious outlooks, because he sure seems to please the believers